Company history

RNF Ventures Ltd.’s origins stretch back to the spring of 1979, when Brian Simpson, in conjunction with some of the principals in Precision Service and Engineering, began a small General Contracting firm, based in Prince Albert. Kelly Miller began working for River North Construction in mid-October of that year as a Site Foreman. Randy Denny joined the firm in 1980 and became a full partner in 1981. The company enjoyed considerable success for a number of years until tougher and changing economic times made it necessary for the partners to amiably downsize by splitting the operation in an effort to be successful in a less vibrant economy.

Randy Denny continued operating River North Construction, while Brian and Kelly became partners in a new firm, Northfork Construction Services Ltd. Both firms enjoyed slow steady growth through the late ’80s and early ’90s, and from time to time would join forces to bid on larger projects. As the construction climate improved in Saskatchewan, the two companies merged in 1996, to become RNF Ventures Ltd., with the ownership group being comprised of Brian Simpson, Randy Denny, and Kelly Miller. Allan Webb joined RNF as an estimator in the spring of 2001.

With the retirement of Randy Denny in the spring of 2002, a plan for succession was implemented which laid the groundwork for Allan Webb to take on more responsibility as a Project Manager and to become involved as a partner. This plan was accelerated with the announcement in the spring of 2004 that Brian Simpson was leaving the firm. Kelly and Allan have been successfully operating in their new partnership which began March 1, 2004.

As is the case with most successful companies, RNF Ventures is always looking for ways to improve our ability to keep in step with the ever-changing face of construction in our market area. To that end, we are currently in a bit of a transition period whereby a younger generation of our staff is becoming more involved with our operation and ownership group. The ultimate goal is to have our firm become an employee-owned and driven entity.

Our company enjoys a track record of steady sustainable growth. While our emphasis is on customer satisfaction, we never lose sight of the main engine of our success, our people. We are very proud of the fact that we have numerous team members with over 20 years of service. In addition, we have two team members that have been with us in excess of 25 years and two of us have been here for over 35 years. We are committed to the knowledge that we are only as good as our personnel. We start with quality individuals and continually try to improve how we engage them. We believe this philosophy will allow them to realize their full potential. We truly believe we have superior people.